Since 1988, he started Gamelan at Osaka University. From 1995 for 4years, he learned at Indonesia University of Art, and performed at large number of stages, such as in Palace.
After returning Japan, he produces not only traditional work but also performs for the music created by Makoto Nomura (Japan), David Kotlowy (Australia) and so on.
Since 2004, he collaboratively works with disabled members of Tanpopo-no-ye in Nara and conducts workshops and creates opportunity
to show the work in Able Art Movement.
Since 2005, he founded "I-Picnic" which improvises performance at outdoors. The improvised performance is being held at Indonesia,
Japan, Austria and Hungary, and also produced DVD.
Performed in 07' and 09'at Kontraste Music Festival (Austria) , and in 08' Creative dance and drama performance tour (Indonesia) , Solo Ethnic Music Festival (Indonesia) and Ogaki Biennale (Gifu).
Since 2009, he produces workshop series on dance and philosophy, in
collaboration with Center for the Study of Communication-Design, Osaka University.


「うまれる」 2011年(撮影:les conte)